Mr Lynch: The question was "Who wrote Hamlet?" You wrote "The Pope's cousin, Count Pope-ula, a magical monster with pencils for arms.
Brendon: I'll be honest, Mr. Lynch. I made that one up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Future?.....Nope Just Our Heads Pasted On Cartoon Figures

An old video from our trip to Disney in '09.


  1. Why have I not see this before?? It. Is. Awesome. :) What is in your mouth though Matt??

  2. Haha. I left my mouth open for the pic, and the machine couldn't register it, so it just put a hole there. I thought it looked cool though looks like I'm shouting at every thing. "Ahhhhhh Gardening, Ahhhhhh Water taste good! Future is Fun!"