Mr Lynch: The question was "Who wrote Hamlet?" You wrote "The Pope's cousin, Count Pope-ula, a magical monster with pencils for arms.
Brendon: I'll be honest, Mr. Lynch. I made that one up.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Unknown Numb.

Yea I can't draw/cut jellyfish very good. haha.

Did these at night so the flash gave a bit of glare.


  1. These look like my stretch marks- cool nonetheless.

  2. Samuel Adams beer + can of spray paint = cool art. Good job. ;)

  3. Thanks! I should have waited to do them it was so muggy last night, the paint hated the canvas and would bubble up, leak and take forever to dry. But I had these weird Jelly Creatures/Stretch marks haha in my head so I got em out fast.